Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance is chosen based on the needs and goals of the contract owner, it can buy those you love the time to grieve. It can pay off your outstanding debts. It can provide your dependents with ongoing income to replace yours until they can live comfortably without, and can keep your family in their home. It also provides a timely emergency fund for medical, legal and funeral costs, should your beneficiaries not have adequate income to cover them.

Ask yourself these questions?

What happens if you die tomorrow? Will your family be able to sustain themselves and achieve the financial security you’ve been dreaming for them to have? What happens if you get sick tomorrow and couldn’t work? Whose burden do you then become? Can your family fend for themselves while taking care of your medical bills?

We travelled halfway around the world so we can provide a future for our families. Would we risk giving this future away just because we haven’t prepared ourselves of life’s uncertainties?

Here at Filpera, we see to it that we provide you with a wide range of life insurance products to fit your lifestyle and your needs.

Whole Of Life Insurance

• Permanent life insurance designed to provide lifetime coverage. Upon the inevitable death of the contract holder, the insurance pay-out is made to the contracts beneficiaries.

• The premiums in whole of life go towards a cash value, (which function as a savings component) as well as a death benefit.

International Term Insurance

• Runs for a fixed period of time (term) and pays out a cash lump sum upon death to the contract holder’s beneficiary.

• If you survive to the end of the policy’s term, the premium and cover stop.

• If you stop paying premiums at any point during the term of the policy the cover will stop.

Critical Illness Cover

• Pays a cash lump sum equal to the Critical Illness sum assured if diagnosed with a form of disability or Critical Illness.

• Can be offered as an independent form of cover or as an accelerated payment of life cover insured.

Income Protection Insurance

• Pays out a fixed level of income based on a percentage of your earnings should you be unable to work due to injury or illness.

• Pays out a fixed level of income until retirement, death or your return to work.

• Provides your family with the financial level of support on a monthly, bi-annual or yearly pay-out depending upon on how the policy was structured..

Right For You?

• Statistically one in three people contract a form of critical illness in their lifetime, are you prepared to gamble that won’t be you?

• Would your family be financially secure if something happened to you? If the answer is no then consideration needs to be given to what form of insurance is required.

• Do you have a tax liability on your estate? If so are you protected against it?

• If you spouse passes away, do you have protection against their income to support your children and ongoing lifestyle?

Why Use Filpera?

Filpera, as part of the Arlo Associates group is licensed and regulated by the Emirates Insurance Authority and our dedicated Filipino financial advisors will help you get unbiased financial advise. Exposed to a wide range of International insurance companies, we see to it that wherever you want to be in the future(whether in the Philippines or elsewhere in the world), you and your families are fully covered. We are passionate to say that we work with you and work for you.

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