Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

Filpera assists regional SME’s as well as Multinational Corporations with the ongoing issue of medical inflation. Achieved in part via our full claims appraisal, we also have access to market leading modelling software enabling employers to accelerate their efforts in helping employees to both understand their own health risks as well as begin to take steps to improve their lives.

Harnessing our belief in preservation being the best cure.

Rising costs and the increased prevalence of chronic conditions are a global issue – and regardless of the underlying medical insurance system, employers will experience added organisational cost and lost workforce productivity if these trends continue and are not addressed.

Within Filpera, our health and well-being initiative team forms a key part of the ongoing education we will provide to your staff, aligning them to a common goal in helping to reduce medical insurance premiums, medical trend rates and promote a more productive workplace.

What We Do

A leading asset management group based in the Middle East with a highly experienced leadership team driving market-leading client service centred upon a professional approach to financial advice.

Our clients choose us because we are one of only a small number of firms approved and regulated by the UAE Insurance Authority. We work alongside the strongest global investment and insurance groups who value the quality, professionalism and stringent risk management found at the centre of all we do.

• The aim of Filpera is to give transparent advice and develop the knowledge of our clients of the available medical plans.

• To share our wealth of understanding of local markets and tailor plans specially to our client’s requirements.

• Secure a professional relationship with both SME’s as well as Multinational Corporations to build a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.

• Apply consideration to the company budget, as well as the aims and objectives of our clients

• To explain costs and availability in worldwide cover.

• Organise company specific wellness days at the clients discretion.

• Our dedicated team are available to assist you with anything from medical advice, administration assistance and claims processing services at the highest standard.

• Filpera work alongside our clients, we are in no way affiliated to any specific insurer, putting our clients and our expertise very much on the same side of the table.

What Use Filpera

• Deciding upon an international medical insurance plan can be very difficult, so we work to assist in making the right choice making the process as simple as possible for our clients from start to finish

• We will perform all research and identify the correct process.

• A plan never costs more by using a broker, it just gives you added benefits and takes time of your hands.

• The health and medical industry is not always easy to understand. We make it as easy as possible for everyone to understand.

• We are there for you even after the new health insurance is purchased. Our aim is to continuously get you the best cover for a competitive price year on year.

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