Property and Land Investments (Philippines and International Properties) It is a common place for Filipinos, from an investment perspective to look for condominium and land-based investment as part of their portfolio. As an International Financial Advisory, we have access to a number of different projects both in the Philippines and other developed markets around the world. Filpera actively seeks out specific projects to suit a range of our client’s needs. Before lending and purchasing a property, our clients have found it highly useful speaking to a Filpera Financial Advisor to break down the ins and outs of the investment.

Investment Funds

An investment fund, also referred to as a collective investment scheme, is a method of investing alongside other investors with the sole purpose of benefitting from the inherent advantages of investing as a group. These benefits include economies of scale which minimise the impact of transaction costs, reduce unsystemic risk through asset diversification, and attract professional fund managers who aim to achieve higher returns and offer greater risk management.

There are tens of thousands of different types of investment funds which are broadly split into two categories: public (mutual funds, ETFs, close-ended funds) and private placement (hedge funds, private equity funds). The benefit of this wide selection is that investors are able to find funds with investment strategies which meet their exact portfolio requirements. These funds can be as simple as an ETF that tracks the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index to an event-driven hedge fund that invests in distressed debt and mergers, allowing investors to gain exposure to almost any region and asset class.

Filpera has an in-house team of analysts who use industry leading research software to analyse investment funds which are then built into a bespoke investment portfolio for each client.

Discretionary Fund Management

A DFM is a form of investment management in which investment decisions are made at the portfolio manager’s discretion on the client’s behalf, similar to collective investment but with several key differences. Discretionary management can only be offered by individuals who have extensive experience in the investment industry with advanced educational credentials and is generally only offered to high net worth clients who have a significant level of investable assets.

There are a number of benefits of DFM solutions which makes them popular with HNW clients;

• Active Management: active, daily management by an experienced investment team should generate a higher return than the benchmark by following medium to long term market trends whilst capitalising on short-term movements;

• Experienced portfolio managers: portfolio managers and their teams have usually spent many years in investment & private banking where they have built up a wealth of experience and industry qualifications, including the highly renowned CFA qualification;

• Wider choice of investment options: the client has access to better investment opportunities through the portfolio manager. The client may also receive better prices for executed trades, as the portfolio manager can put through a single buy or sell order for multiple clients;

• Convenience: a DFM solution frees investors from the time and effort burdens of making day-to-day investment decisions. Delegating the investing process to a competent manager leaves the client free to focus on other things that matter to him or her.

Filpera has access to many of the world’s best DFM solutions.

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