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The success of Filpera is built on a foundation of trust, performance and putting our clients need’s first…

With so many kinds of insurance available in the market these days, getting one is a piece of cake. We easily get persuaded with the figures being shown to us, the list of benefits and the too good to be true return on investments due to lack of knowledge. Finding an insurance broker that identifies your needs, understands and provides you with the right information and recommendations are extremely intimidating yet essential task. And I am truly grateful for all the information that Filpera has provided me. They walked me through each of the points to ensure that I had an adequate understanding of my policy coverage. Not only do I get a great customer service from them but also they made sure I get a good plan at a great price. I highly recommend Filpera to anyone without reservation, keep it up!

May Carol Buena Rebutar

Credit Controller – Globe Express Services

“Working in Finance, i am trained to have a skeptical mind. This makes it harder for me, and for people in this industry in general, to part ways with our hard-earned money. So to be able to entrust my finances to complete strangers is a major life decision that rarely ever comes by. While this unease doesn’t completely go away, it helps a huge deal if i know i’m entrusting my finances to people who i truly believe are competent and credible.,

This trust is made not only possible but much easier by FILPERA. Their obvious passion and dedication to what they do coupled with honesty and respect for their clients regardless of where they come from make for a trustworthy and reliable team. They provide prompt support and ensure I am fully informed with all matters related to my finances. Meetings with them are never too formal which leave no room for intimidation and communication gaps. Their genuine concern gives me confidence and a sense of security that my finances are in the most capable hands.”

Gizelle Tupas

Accounts Supervisor – UNILEVER GULF

“Filpera has been clear enough to explain the importance of a proper financial structure. Now that I’ve my insurance set up, I can now go on and plan for my retirement and investment avenues. They have gained my confidence through unbiased advise on the options that I can avail.  Good job!”

Maria Krisandra Villasfer

GACLearn Specialist – GAC Corporate Academy

“I have known Filpera for a long time and Filpera has proactively sorted out my insurance needs. Filpera was there to answer all my questions and address issues that bother me regarding my financial portfolio. With the help of their financial advisors , I am now able to proudly say that my financial goals ( long term and short term ) are within my reach.”

Leah Lalaine Linasan

HR Development Executive – GAC Corporate Academy

“This is my first time getting myself an insurance and I must say that Filpera have been very helpful and have taken prompt response on all my queries with patience and professionalism. Customer service was top notch and they had my best interests in mind. Overall, I will recommend them to my friends for their trustworthiness and integrity.”

Rodney Regalado

Payroll Accountant – DMG Events – Middle East, Asia And Africa

FILPERA provided me with an avenue to harness the financial flexibility I am enjoying while giving me the opportunity to minimize the risks that arise from the contractual nature of my job. It has also allowed me to engage in financial investments that will help establish a more secure future for me and my family.

I strongly urge every OFW to carefully consider investing their hard-earned money while they have a chance and to diversify their investments to ensure security and stability.

Ronnie Dumale

Lecturer – General Studies – System Wide

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